How to Save the Human Species From Extinction

An Evolving Brainstorming/Think Tank

To save our species from extinction, we have to do things in new ways. The old ways have brought us many big problems and onto the path toward extinction.

1. DreamWork (see blog).

2. Stop seeding crowns, other chakras & auras.

3. Understand that not everyone has a sexual creation.

4. Increase acceptance and understanding of homosexuality.

5. Be aware that reincarnation really happens when people have undone plans and desires.

    a. I am told that dross seeds or pictures have successfully been put into animals' crowns to await and/or encourage development of consciousness. Letting ideas float could work also, perhaps?

6. Be aware that when souls have reincarnated, usually others have reincarnated with them (siblings, neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc.), so the population may have tended to increase rather than decrease through death.

7. Be aware that the human body was made to potentially live indefinitely.

8. We need the people who are not procreating; don't expect them to retire and die but rather to keep getting wiser and more beneficial.

9. Increase acceptance of and embracing of celibacy and abstinence.

10. Increase ways of reducing fear, so that people will feel less need to become sexual.

11. Encourage new living arrangements which would not require each couple to have a child, such as kibbutzim, ashrams, communes, other communal living arrangements.

12. Increase acceptance of and tolerance for households with more than two adults per partnership.

13. Encourage partnerships of one woman and more men.

14. Understand that perhaps even sexual creations got accustomed to being more sexual than was necessary.

15. Break old templates of hiding truth from humanity.

16. Visit others to share these ideas.

17. Have think tanks all over the world on every level to address this issue.

18. Ask all of the divine to end the requirement of "to the death" in order to achieve various conditions such as addiction, disability, certain diseases, etc., to avoid creating reincarnation.

19. Research-based land maintenance for food and housing for all humans.

20. College education for all humans?

21. Access to appropriately-leveled experienced (including some with beginner's mind), intelligent, thoughtful and kind human resources for appropriate engagement/non-engagement or employment/self-employment with access to appropriately-leveled mentorship for all humans.

22. Research-based sex education for all humans to ensure mindful human population control (or management?) to ensure food, housing and clothing for all humans.

23. Thymus chakra programming or unprogramming (different approaches may be needed at different times).

24. Seeds in chakras or unseeding chakras (different approaches may be needed at different times).

25. Aura implants or removal of implants (different approaches may be needed at different times).

26. Stop notching the sides of the thymus chakra.

27. Develop even better, less expensive technologies for water purification, water extraction, desalinization, ocean cleanup, trash management, including thee use of plastic-eating bacteria.

28. Change naming practices such that families would not feel the need to "continue the family name."

29. Other types of social restructuring involving living arrangements, partnering practices, to encourage less external pressure to produce a child.

30. Encourage men to become the heroes and have vasectomies.

31. Segregation of the sexes until they are truly adult, maybe 25/30; that way people have grown and learnt . 
32. Family values place a great emphasis on education--learning from peers and role models is key. 
33. Limit TV exposure.




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