How I Got the Prerequisites for DreamWork, and What Is Next

February 19, 2019

DreamWork to Save Humanity—How to develop the prerequisite skills needed for using this approach and what is next    





Me: Here is what I did:


Consciousness Building—develop a conscience


good parents

good teachers

good schools





Self-Help: Books





Daily meditation picturing people holding hands encircling the world


Began studying yoga


Studies with saints, masters and gods


Became vegetarian


Spiritual Studies: spiritual path Initiations


Went through lots of health challenges and learned lots of ways to heal myself


Studied my sexual arousal patterns during 2 years of celibacy


Became sexual again


Had a sexual fantasy which was envisioned in an unacceptable, dangerous location


Got crucified in one horrible accident and some others, many instances of “3 nails and 5 wounds.”




Alternative therapies


Had another, different sexual fantasy that appeared very injurious to me


Studied a lot about cycles of human history, chains of causation, what is causing the major problems facing humanity currently on earth


Became vegan


Made a vow of celibacy for 10,000 years


Was unable to keep the vow


Experienced very painful astral treatment resulting in screaming in pain from cancer two different times from astral burns and cancer on two different organs


Became celibate again with a vow of celibacy for 10,000 years


Have been celibate for 2 1/3 years again now—no sex, no seeking of orgasm.


Wrote the DreamWork article after one year of celibacy, sent it around, revised and expanded it, sent it for publication, got rejected, published it on my website.


Feedback that some have been able to remain without orgasm for up to two months--haven't heard from the ones who may have become celibate and abstinent and remained so.


Now I want to perhaps scale down the article and resubmit it. And I want to start doing online classes/teaching/mentoring/coaching. 


I started a meetup.


How about others?


Different people will find they have different paths. People can benefit from the DreamWork analysis procedure without following my path or becoming celibate.


How did I feel before becoming most recently celibate?


Threatened, controlled, manipulated without my awareness, pestered, depressed, harassed, abused, disrespected, blocked at every turn, nothing ever made it all the way in the world, difficulty keeping jobs, difficulty achieving, kept getting injured, always yelling at the divine


How have things been since becoming celibate?


Much more “in my body,” still pushed hard by the divine, developed the DreamWork teaching, had breakthrough in writing blogs and screenplay, still yell at the divine but not nearly as much, use DreamWork now to interact with the spirits who visit, had breakthroughs in getting phone and internet service, have had major breakthroughs in knowledge and awareness


What do I imagine people might appreciate going forward?


An easy crutch, something to try when things aren’t going too well, when they’re in a crunch.

A true and awareness-based method that works and helps them out of a hole, out of a destructive rut.


How can DreamWork help?


It’s a brief, two-step process. It can point the way forward in your life. It lets you know what is really going on for you at a deeper level.


For me to study and implement: What makes a good coach?



Advice to me from a very successful coach named Josh:


The key elements of his coaching are:

1. Do a thorough initial survey to collect as much information as you can while the client’s motivation is high.

2. Be positive and authentic – encourage your client and share your own story.

3. Check in daily, even if clients don’t respond.

4. Listen and ask – repeat information to make sure you both understand and ask questions to help your client focus on the right thing.

5. Categorize clients, at least a little.


Putting his strategy in one sentence, Josh said to be “humble in giving advice and confident in asking questions”.

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